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    Quick, Efficient, And Cheap Towing Brisbane-wide

    AplusCarRemoval provides customers with a fast and effective way to get their vehicles towed at reasonable rates from anywhere in Brisbane. We know that many car owners avoid selling their cars because they worry about high towing charges.

    But with us, you never have to worry about paying us hundreds of dollars to get your car removed; we do it for reasonable rates that everyone can afford. All you have to do is fill out our online form, and we will handle the rest.

    Along with professional car towing in Brisbane, we also offer other services such as:

    • Cash for cars in Brisbane up to $25,000
    • Online obligation-free quotes
    • Licensed auto recovery service
    • Eco-friendly car recycling

    Please fill out our online form today!

    Insured Tow Trucks And Licensed Drivers

    We aim to offer you the highest quality of service every time. Therefore to ensure that we only hire experienced drivers who are trained and licensed to operate such vehicles. Moreover, our fleet includes a large variety of tow trucks, such as:

    • Rollback Tow Truck
    • Hook and Chain Truck
    • Integrated Tow Truck
    • Wheel Lift Tow Truck
    • Flatbed Tow Truck

    These trucks allow us to tow all shapes and sizes of vehicles without any hassle. Once you make the booking, our driver will arrive at your location, check out the paperwork, and secure the car to the tow truck for removal purposes. Our concept is simple – we treat each vehicle like our own!

    Our Services - Tow Trucks Available 24/7

    1. Break-down Towing

    Car breakdowns are a hassle to deal with. Not only it’s stressful, but it can take a lot of time to get the vehicle working again. So why wait? Simply give us a call, and we will tow your car away from anywhere in Brisbane.

    2. Accident Towing

    If you suffer a car accident, it can be stressful for both passenger and driver. So for such situations, simply give our team a call. Our team will take information regarding your car and your location and send a tow truck as soon as possible.

    3. Car Selling

    We also offer a simple way for you to sell your vehicle in Gold Coast & allover Brisbane. All you have to do is fill out our online quote form, and our team will handle it all and offer stress-free removal services from your home, office, parking lot, or highways.

    4. Emergency Towing

    If you are stranded due to an emergency, don’t wait around! Simply dial 0423 514 111 and receive vehicle pickup within 24 hours of booking.

    Conditions Of Cars We Can Tow

    We have a variety of tow trucks that are equipped to handle all types and conditions of vehicles.

    The state of vehicles we can remove include:

    • New cars
    • Old cars
    • Wrecked vehicles
    • Fire-damaged cars
    • Vehicles missing vital parts
    • Cars with damaged bodies
    • Junk cars
    • Scrap vehicles
    • Vehicles damaged by flood
    • Cars with mechanical faults
    • Vehicle with electrical problems
    • Cars with busted exhaust systems
    • Cars that lack safety measures
    • And more

    Contact us anytime, and our emergency services are available 24/7 in Southside and Northside Brisbane.

    How To Prepare For Calling A Tow Truck

    Been a while since you called a towing service? Fret not! We have created a small guide to help you with it.

    Here is a simple list of things you need to keep in mind before calling the towing service:
    – If possible, park your vehicle in a safe location away from the oncoming traffic. If that’s not possible, turn on the hazards on your vehicle.
    – It is best to stay put in your car until the towers arrive at your location. But if you feel that staying inside the vehicle is no longer safe, leave the car and stay a safe distance away from the traffic.
    – Know exactly where you are parked. That includes knowing the street address and any major landmark in your area (Google map can help a lot too!)

    Just take care of the thing mentioned above and make the call to the towing service. The information they will require includes:

    • Your exact location

    • Your name and contact details

    • What type of vehicle needs towing

    • Car’s condition

    • Etc.
    sell car for cash gold coast

    We Transport All Types Of Cars

    • Trailers
    • Busses
    • Caravans
    • Motor homes
    • Coaches
    • Trucks
    • Containers
    • Tractors
    • Sedans
    • 4x4
    • Vans
    • And more

    Contact us anytime, and our emergency services are available 24/7 in Southside and Northside Brisbane.

    Our Car Towing Process In Brisbane

    At AplusCarRemoval, we have developed our services to be extremely customer-centric. Our services allow you to get your vehicle towed within 24 hours of booking. We help you remove all types of American, Chinese, Korean, European, and Japanese cars and charge only a fraction of the cost compared to what others are setting.

    Our process is as follows:

    1. Provide information about your vehicle

    Our agents will contact you and ask you for basic details about your location and information about your car type. Please provide the information as accurately as you can, and our team will arrive as scheduled.

    2. Wait for our team

    After assessing your car type, we will choose the right tow truck to get the job done and will send it your way. Our tow truck will arrive at your location according to your chosen time.
    Once we reach your location, our team will check your ID and car papers for authentication purposes and remove the vehicle without any hassle.

    3. Make payments

    Once the car has been towed, you can pay us directly as per the quote provided. But if you have full motor insurance, we will charge this expense to your insurance company directly.

    Brands Of Vehicles Eligible For Our Services

    AplusCarRemoval can remove all makes, models, and conditions of vehicles and provide efficient removal services for them from anywhere in Brisbane. If you have a car that needs towing, why not choose us. We are a well-recognized and trusted name in the automobile industry with a customer satisfaction rating of 100%.

    Here is the list of car brands we can remove in Brisbane:



























    Mercedes Benz










    Great wall

    Great wall







    To receive quick car towing in Brisbane, get in touch with us today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my insurance cover the towing charges?

    This will depend on the type of insurance coverage you have. If your insurance provider covers full motor insurance, then the bill will be charged to the insurance company directly

    My car is stuck in between old junk. Will you be able to retrieve it?

    We only hire the most experienced tow truck drivers to offer top-notch service and use many different types of tow trucks depending on the vehicle. So towing your car will be no problem.

    Will I need to tell you what type of tow truck to use?

    No, all you have to tell us is the type of car you own, and our experts will determine this themselves.

    Will I be charged tow for the towing?

    Usually, it can cost up to $250 to have your car towed, but you will not have to worry about that with us. We will offer you the best prices without charging any hidden fees.

    Will you be able to provide your services to an automobile company?

    Yes, our lists of clients include the general public, manufacturers other automobile businesses.

    Is AplusCarRemoval a reliable company?

    Definitely, we have over a decade of experience buying and towing cars. Along with that, you will find that all of our staff is trained, and our business is registered with the government of QLD.