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In the world of online car sales, competition is increasing in used car buying. As a result, it has become quite challenging to choose the right and reliable car buying company. According to carsguide.com, around 3 million per unit annum used cars are sold in Australia every year. However, Roy Morgon’s research says that 75% of car buyers go online to research about “Cars For Sale Brisbane” before purchasing.

With so many online, private selling, or car buying companies, some are better than others. But when it comes to the top 5 websites where you can find both private and dealership cars, which is the best?

CarSales              Facebook Marketplace                 Gumtree             CarsGuide      Easycash4cars.com.au

Determine where to sell your car easily, quickly, and hassle-free.

  1. CarSales.com.au

It is one of Australia’s biggest car listing websites. Over 200,000 used and new cars are listed. It has high traffic, allowing your automobile to be seen by a huge number of potential customers. But obviously, you have to pay for using their services.

CarSales also features a simple method for making ads. They will also provide you with personalized assistance to meet your needs.

They can assist you in determining the worth of your vehicle, saving you the time and effort of conducting research or a visit to a mechanic.

The website is compatible with both desktops and smartphones, allowing you to sell and shop from anywhere.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

It is the biggest hub for selling anything from a smartphone to a used/new car. People can make groups or join groups to advertise for their vehicles. There are company pages that you can visit to ensure their reliability. You don’t have to pay to put an ad about your car. You can add the location and selling category and enquire the people by messaging them.

But it is still important to value your car before putting an ad and list down all the relevant information regarding your vehicle condition, service history, model, approximate mileage, manufacturer, and age.

  1. Gumtree.com

Gumtree started its journey with advertising for jobs, places, and furniture. However, it has a diverse option for car sellers and buyers. About 365 thousand vehicles are listed per month, being the most popular site with 76 million visits per month.

Rest assured, you can easily find a potential buyer for your used car. You can place an ad for free, but you must pay for promoting your ad if you want a faster response.

  1. CarsGuide.com.au

It is Australian based website specific for car selling and buying purposes. There are about 100,000+ cars for sale daily with 25 million views every month. You can evaluate the worth of your vehicle with CarsGuide online car value tool similar to CarSales. But unlike CarSales, putting a basic ad is free of cost if you choose not to avail the upgrades. You can easily get expert advice.

Buyers looking for the exact make and model of the vehicle will be able to discover it quickly using the site’s advanced searching options.

When it comes to the time and effort required to engage with potential buyers, it is the same as CarSales, Facebook Marketplace, and Gumtree. And you are still not sure whether the buyer is a scam, serious buyer, or a potential buyer.

  1. Easycash4cars.com.au

It is an Australian-based company where you can easily get a quote on your vehicle for free. You don’t have to waste your time posting an ad. And they can buy cars in any condition. The pros of choosing unwanted car buyer companies are that you don’t have to deal with scams, engage with potential buyers, and waste your time negotiating with buyers.

You can get the most money for any vehicle you have without paying for towing service.

Sell Your Car in Brisbane

There are so many online tools and websites available these days for sellers to sell their vehicles and buyers to get a complete image of the car they want to buy. While websites like CarsSales, Gumtree, CarsGuide, and Facebook Marketplace can be an excellent start to evaluate your vehicle, selling to a car buying company like APlus Car Removals isn’t often the first choice that gets to mind and takes the worry out of selling a car.

You don’t have to pay for advertisement; you simply apply for a valuation online, a price is calculated, and you may opt to sell your automobile the same day while getting a cash amount on the spot!

So, if you are located in Brisbane, contact APlus Car Removal on 0423514111 or enquire about our service by emailing us at [email protected].

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