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    • Get instant cash for cars in Bankstown without delay
    • Same-day car removals from anywhere in QLD
    • Reliable quote and car valuation
    • We buy all types of cars regardless of type or condition
    • Provide eco-friendly car recycling
    • We charge no hidden fees from our customers

    Don’t waste your precious time trying to sell your car for cash in the market. Instead, simply contact us and sell your unwanted vehicle right from your premises within 24 hours.

    Sell Your Car

    A Fast, Simple, And Efficient Way To Sell Your Car In Just 3 Quick Steps

    • Fill out our quote form or call us at 042 3514 111
    • In the form, provide your contact info and details about your car, such as make, condition, model, year, odometer reading, etc.
    • We will give you an accurate quote within minutes.
    • If the quote is to your liking, call us and book a date for a car inspection.
    • We only pay after inspecting the car in person.
    • Our team will schedule with you the date and time of the inspection, which is suited to your availability.
    • The inspection process takes less than 40 minutes to complete.
    • After inspection, our evaluators will make an offer for your car.
    • If you accept the offer made by our evaluators, they will provide you with all the paperwork needed to transfer the car’s title to us.
    • Once all the papers are signed, we will pay you instant cash in hand up to $9,999.
    • After the payments are made, we will tow your vehicle to our branches for FREE. The best part with us is that you don’t have to pay any hidden charges or delivery fees.

    We Purchase All Conditions Of Cars For Cash In Bankstown

    Aplus Car Removal purchases all types of vehicles in Bankstown regardless of their condition or size. We believe that recycling and reusing these end-of-life vehicles can help the environment and reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, no matter the condition or size of the vehicle, we will buy it and pay you cash up to $11,000 for it instantly.

    We are currently purchasing vehicles which are:

    • Old and used cars
    • Vehicles with body damage
    • Brand new cars
    • Vehicles that are missing vital parts
    • Cars which are damaged in an accident
    • Vehicle damaged in fire, flood, or hail
    • Rusted cars
    • Scrap vehicles
    • Junk cars
    • Abandoned vehicles
    • Cars with electrical or mechanical faults
    • And more

    All of the above types of vehicles are eligible for our services. So if you want a hassle-free way to sell your unwanted cars, fill our valuation form today. And receive a FREE quote for your vehicle; you can also call our customer service representatives to receive an offer for our car.

    We purchase all conditions of cars for cash in Bankstown

    We Buy Old Cars In Bankstown And Recycle Them

    At Aplus Car Removal, it is part of our CSR policy to dispose of unwanted cars in a way that would not harm the people or the environment. That’s why all the vehicles we purchase get recycled following the Australian Government guidelines

    Our recycling process is relatively straightforward:

    Removing Wastes From The Vehicle

    When we purchase scrap vehicles from customers, most of the time, they are not in good condition. That’s why the first thing we do after receiving them is clean them out and remove all the liquids from them. We also get rid of all the rusted components of the car and dispose of them safely.

    Disassembling And Taking The Parts out

    Now in this stage, the car is ready to be disassembled. We take apart all of the working parts from the vehicle and then send them to be tested and fixed. Once these parts are fixed and quality tested, they are sold at our branches at affordable rates.

    Recycling The Metal Frame

    The car frame makes up to 70% of the metal present in the vehicle. Once the car parts are separated from the frame, it is sent to a steel recycling plant, where it is crushed and later sold to industrial buyers.

    So, If you live in any of these places, choose us to receive top quality services.

    Top used car buyer in Bankstown

    Aplus Car Removal offers efficient car removal services all over Bankstown. With our services, you can get all types of vehicles removed from your premises including, cars, vans, SUVs, Utes, trucks, busses, electric cars, commercial vehicles etc.

    We own a variety of tow trucks that can remove cars of all shapes and sizes from your home, office, garage, parking, motorway, parking area, and more. With our services, you don’t have to worry about expensive towing charges. All of our removal/towing services are FREE of cost, and AplusCarRemoval never charges hidden fees from customers.

    So, whatever make or model of the car you have, you can sell it to us easily by contacting us via phone or online form. We buy all types of running and non-running cars. So, whether it has a blown gasket, mechanical problems, electrical issues or something else, all of these vehicles are eligible for our services.

    Top used car buyer in Bankstown

    Get Instant Cash And Accurate Quotes For All Brands Of Cars In Bankstown







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    Our team of highly trained professionals are always available to provide you with top-notch services. If you are looking for an easy way to sell your unwanted car in Bankstown, reach out to us. We are registered car buyers and licensed to wreck all types of vehicles.

    We pay fair prices for all types of vehicles, and our quotes are developed using real-world data to provide you with the most accurate value for your vehicle.

    Why Choose Our Services?

    Get paid top cash

    Get Paid Top Cash

    We know it isn’t easy to put a value on your beloved car, but you can know the approximate value for your vehicle in NSW with our valuation tool. We always pay customers the most competitive amount of cash for cars in Bankstown. So if you want to sell your vehicle without going through the hassle of dealerships, get in touch with us and get paid top cash for them up to $11,000.

    Same day car removals

    Get Paid Top Cashsame-day Car Removals All Over Bankstown

    Want your car gone quickly? AplusCarRemoval can make this happen. With our same-day car removal services, you can sell us all types of vehicles, and our tow trucks will arrive at your location and tow them for FREE. So no more spending hundreds of dollars to take your unwanted car to the car buyers; call us today and book an inspection with our customer service team.

    No RWC Still, you can sell it to us

    No Rwc? Still, You Can Sell It To Us

    At Aplus Car Removal, all types and conditions of cars are eligible for our services. We know that even vehicles with extensive electrical, mechanical, and structural damage have value. So if you possess any such vehicles, give us a ring and let us help you get cash in exchange for it

    Best car recycling facilities

    Best Car Recycling Facilities

    At Aplus Car Removal, we have a well-equipped car wrecking facility for recycling all the vehicles we purchase. At our facilities, all of our trained employees carry out the processes following all the safety guidelines, and our mission is to divert most of our car wastes from ending up in landfills. In addition, we provide customers with an eco-conscious approach to discarding their vehicles, which helps preserve the planet.

    A responsive customer service team

    A Responsive Customer Service Team

    We offer online and offline customer service for our customers. Our customer service representatives are available throughout the working hours to answer your questions via call. And if you’re looking for assistance after working hours, you can get 24/7 cash for cars Sydney service, where our team will answer your queries with minimum wait.

    When To Use Our Services

    There are many instances where services like ours can be the need of the hour, such as:

    • When the car is totalled in an accident
    • If the vehicle’s repair cost is more than it’s worth
    • When you want to get rid of your old vehicle for a new one
    • If you are changing states and want to sell off your old car
    • If you need quick cash for any reason
    • The vehicle you own has faulty parts and is no longer with a dollar in the market
    • Want to save your time and not spend it haggling with prospective customers
    • If you have a shell of a car taking up space in your yard

    If you face any of the above situations, feel free to call us, and we will offer you top cash for a car in Bankstown and also remove the vehicle from your premises for FREE.

    When to use our services