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    • Fill the valuation form available here or simply call us at 042 3514 111 to receive a FREE quote for your car.
    • In the form, fill in your contact details and information about your vehicles such as make, model, and condition.
    • And within minutes you will get a quote for your car.
    • If you like the quoted price, simply call and schedule a date and time for your car inspection.
    • Customers have the freedom to choose the time slot most suitable for them, and our evaluators will arrive right on time.
    • Aplus Car Removal only makes an offer for the vehicle after inspecting it in person.
    • Our evaluators can complete the inspection process within 40 minutes, and soon after, we will make you an offer for the car.
    • When you accept the offer, our staff will give you papers to sign. These papers will transfer the vehicle’s title from you to us.
    • Once the paperwork is done, we will pay you with cash for your unwanted car up to $9,999 instantly.
    • After the payments are made, we will offer FREE towing for your vehicle and take it to our facilities for recycling.

    We Purchase All Conditions Of Cars For Cash In Blacktown

    Aplus Car Removal is known to purchase all types of vehicles irrespective of the car’s shape, size, or condition. We know how vital reusing and recycling end-of-life vehicles are for our planet; that’s why we have developed easy processes with which you can sell us whatever type of vehicle you have. We will purchase it and pay you to cash up to $11,000 for it.

    We are currently purchasing vehicles which are

    • Old and used cars
    • Vehicles with body damaged
    • Brand new cars
    • Vehicles that are missing vital parts
    • Cars which are damaged in an accident
    • Vehicle damaged in fire, flood, or hail
    • Rusted cars
    • Scrap vehicles
    • Junk cars
    • Abandoned vehicles
    • Cars with electrical or mechanical faults
    • And more

    All of the conditions of vehicles mentioned above are eligible to receive our services. So, if you are looking for an easy way to get rid of your junk car and earn cash in return, we are the right choice. Simply give us a call and let us offer you FREE removal services within a day.

    We purchase all conditions of cars for cash in Blacktown

    We Buy Old Cars In Blacktown And Recycle Them

    Aplus Car Removal has a well-developed CSR policy that aims to prevent tonnes of car wastes from reaching landfills, which can negatively affect the environment. That’s why we follow carefully crafted guidelines provided by the Government of NSW to recycle the cars we purchase.

    Our recycling process is relatively straightforward:

    Removing Wastes From The Vehicle

    Before the recycling process can begin, we need to clean the vehicle, get rid of the rusted and broken components of the car and dispose of them safely. Once that is done, the car is drained of all the toxic liquids such as AC coolant, brake oil, engine oil, fuel, etc.

    Disassembling And Taking The Parts out

    In this stage, all the usable parts of the vehicle are taken off of the car frame. If these components are in good condition, they are quality tested and sent to the branches to be sold. If they do not pass the quality test, they are simply discarded.

    Recycling The Metal Frame

    In this stage, the metal frame is cleaned off, and all of the components are removed from it. This metal frame with a high concentration of steel compared to other metals is sent to a recycling facility and later sold to metal purchasers in NSW.

    Top Unwanted Car Buyer In Blacktown

    Aplus Car Removal provides speedy car removal services all over Blacktown. With our services, you can get your car, vans, trucks, electric cars, 4×4, busses, commercial vehicles, and more easily removed from your premises within a day.

    Our fleet includes various types of tow trucks that make removing all shapes and sizes of vehicles easy. So, whether your unwanted car is parked at your office, home, parking lot, motorway, or garage, we will come to your location and carefully remove the vehicle. All of our towing services are FREE of cost, and we provide this service without charging any hidden or extra fee.

    So, contact us today via our online form or phone and receive an offer for your car, no matter its make or model. You can sell us all types of running and non-running vehicles. We even purchase vehicles with significant mechanical and electrical damage.

    So don’t wait around and call us today!

    Top unwanted car buyer in Blacktown

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    Customers all over Blacktown can trust us to provide them with the highest quality car removal and car buying services. We have trained staff available at all times to provide you with high-quality services and offer you fair and accurate quotes for cars.

    Our quotes are developed using data from the NSW car market to provide you with a fair offer for the car, and our offers rarely differ from the quoted prices

    Why Choose Our Services?

    Get paid top cash

    Receive the highest value for your car

    Many car buyers in NSW give impressive quotes for cars, but when it comes to inspection, they make low ball offers. We are not like those car buyers. Aplus Car Removal analyzes the NSW market and develops the quotes accordingly, and pays customers top cash for cars in Blacktown. So if you don’t want to waste your time trying to find the best offer for your car, come to us; we pay customers cash up to $9,999 for all types of vehicles.

    Same day car removals

    Same-day car removals from anywhere in Blacktown

    Want to remove your car fast? With our services, you can get your vehicle removed within 24 hours in a hassle-free manner. No matter what size or shape of vehicle you have, we will arrive at your location and pick it for FREE and pay you instant cash in hand. Now you don’t have to worry anymore about high towing charges, choose us and make your life easy with our services.

    No RWC Still, you can sell it to us

    No Roadworthy certificate? No problem

    Even if you don’t have the roadworthy certificate for your car, we will still buy it for top cash. Aplus Car Removal purchases a variety of vehicles in all conditions. So even if your vehicle has no value in the car market, it has value in our eyes.

    Best car recycling facilities

    Best vehicle recycling facilities

    At Aplus Car Removal, our CSR policy is to recycle all of the vehicles we receive in an eco-friendly way. This allows us to prevent hundreds of tonnes of wastes from reaching landfills, which can reduce carbon emissions and help the overall quality of our environment. In addition, we have well-equipped facilities and trained staff that carries out all of the processes following government guidelines and safety standards.

    A responsive customer service team

    Fast customer service facilities

    With us, you can always get your queries answered in the best way possible. All of our staff are trained to answer any question regarding our product or services. So if you have any questions, call us during working hours for offline services, or leave us your question online.

    When To Use Our Services

    There are many times where services like Aplus Car Removal comes in handy, such as:

    • When your car is damaged beyond repair in an accident.
    • The cost of repairing the car is more than its value in the market.
    • When you want to update your vehicle and want to sell your old car for cash
    • If you are changing states and want to sell the car before moving
    • Want to earn cash from your junk or scrap car
    • If you are in need of some quick cash
    • The vehicle you drive has faulty parts, and it is unable to receive a roadworthy certificate
    • Want to save your time and not waste it at dealerships
    • If there is a non-running car taking up space in your yard

    If you find yourself facing any of the situations mentioned above, give us a call. And we will come to you to tow your vehicle and pay you instant cash for cars in Blacktown.

    When to use our services