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    A plus Car Removal Offers Quick Cash for Unwanted Cars Brisbane With Same Day Pickup

    At Aplus Cash For Cars Brisbane, there is always a place for used, scrap or unwanted cars. We pay top cash & free removal of salvage, old, junk, crashed, worn-out, second-hand, unwanted, hail damaged, and accidental vehicles.

    Get instant cash for unwanted cars at your doorstep or bank transfer. Professional and friendly service anywhere in Brisbane including North, West, East, and Southside. Make a deal and sell your vehicle in seconds with or without rego or roadworthy certificate.

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    About Us

    AplusCarRemoval is a registered company in Australia, with the ABN number 39 627 952 916. We always follow government laws strictly. This means our services are not just easy to use, but also completely legal. We have more than ten years of experience. You can rely on us for an easy, legal, and trouble-free car selling experience.

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    Our Environmentally Safe Goals

    Our Brisbane Customer’s Reviews

    We have thousands of positive reviews from our satisfied clients across Brisbane and its suburbs.

    Our Customer’s Reviews

    The Most Reviewed Cash for Car Brisbane Company

    Do you feel emotionally attached to that old car standing at your home? Did you buy it from your first salary or get an 18th Birthday gift present?

    You dread all the struggle and endless weeks consumed in selling it privately. All that often goes down the drain as you fail to get the desired fair cash for cars Brisbane.

    With top reviewed APlus Car Removal, it’s time to end your misery.

    We pretty much understand that emotional connection with your car. And promise to take good care of it while paying you the highest cash for cars near you. Plus, we’re licensed by the Government of Queensland under the Motor Dealer and Chattel Auctioneers Act 2014.

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    Cash for Cars Brisbane Company - Highest Reviews in the Market

    Why Choose Aplus Cash For Scrap Cars Brisbane?

    With over a decade of experience in cash for cars Brisbane industry, we are proud to create a lasting car selling experience for people who are just as passionate about cars as we are. For 10 years in a row, A Plus has been consistently paying the highest cash for scrap cars across all Brisbane locations for all sizes of big and small vehicles.

    We operate a full-fledged auto disposal shop in Brisbane, owning the most advanced tow truck fleet and drivers available at your doorsteps in one call. People across Brisbane recognize our company which pays the best & top cash for cars. And our all-time high ratings and reviews serve as a testament to it. Of course, this would not have been possible without our team’s tireless efforts. They work round the clock to ensure that we always outshine the fierce competition.

    Hear Some Stories of Our Past Customers

    Real Stories of Satisfied A Plus Cash for Cars Brisbane Customers


    Annerley, Brisbane

    My name is Flynn, and I am one of the many satisfied customers of AplusCarRemoval. The highly professional team made the process smoother and easier. Despite my thorough research, I had an accidental Honda Civic 2005 that was not being sold in the market. Selling the car was becoming time-consuming, and the non-serious callers interrupted me during the busy hours of my work. Soon, I learned about AplusCarRemoval, who sorted one of the most difficult problems of my life. They bought my car in the same condition it was and offered me the best deal for my non-running vehicle.


    Mansfield, Brisbane

    I am Logan. I have availed myself of the highly professional car-selling services in Brisbane by AplusCarRemoval. I mostly travel for work, and taking time out of my busy schedule to keep track of the buyers and negotiate with them was a challenge. However, the problem was sorted out with AplusCarRemoval, as they kept the work digital-friendly. Selling vehicles has always been challenging, but Aplus provides the best services. I had to invest no amount to find the buyer or relocate my car from my premises to the other buyer’s garage/scrapyard. I recommend them to all who are having difficulty finding a reliable car buyer in Brisbane. 


    Albion, Brisbane

    My name is Ryder, and I bought a Toyota Corolla 2013 in prime condition a few years back. In 2023, I was relocating due to a job change. Therefore, I was looking for a car buyer immediately who could buy the car for a good price. Trusting car removal and other car-selling options can be difficult due to the massive scams. My friend recommended AplusCarRemoval to me, and I connected with the team instantly. Their services were incredibly convenient. The process took about a day, and I had to pay nothing to close the deal.


    Sunnybank, Brisbane

    I’m Emily from Sunnybank, and let me tell you about my experience with APlusCarRemoval. My old car was just gathering dust until they offered me cash for it. The process was smooth and professional, and they even recycled everything responsibly. Selling to them not only gave me some extra cash. I thank to my friend who suggest me this company. So, if you have an old car lying around, definitely give them a call!

    Experience for Levi Aaron

    Chermside, Brisbane

    Levi Aaron highly recommends APlus Car Removal in Brisbane for their exceptional service, offering top cash for cars of any make, model, or condition. He was impressed by their accurate quotes, excellent customer service, and professional, efficient car removal process. Levi’s experience highlights the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency, making it a trustworthy choice for car removal.



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    Cars Removed



    Million Dollars Payout



    Satisfied Clients

    APlus Car Removal Brisbane Vs Private Sellers

    As a leading car removal Brisbane company, we endeavor to offer a no-hassle, free removal of your old, junk car or truck and pays the top cash for unwanted vehicle removal. Here is a quick checklist of all the benefits you enjoy upon selling your car through us.

    1. You don’t have to go through endless hours of torture searching for the perfect buyer.
    2. We will offer you top cash up to $10,000 same-day
    3. You’ll receive the highest and most handsome amount of cash for cars in Brisbane
    4. We provide free towing and a smooth sell-my-car experience.
    5. We provide a complimentary free paperwork completion.

    We Pay & Remove Cars of all Brands

    If you are wondering, how can I sell my junk car in Brisbane? Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch customer services. We are a legitimate car buyer in Brisbane. Paying a fair price for the vehicle regardless of its condition. Our process is quick and easy to use.

    Check out our car price guide for different sizes of vehicles in the FAQs section.

    We Accept All Types of Old Cars For Cash in Brisbane

    • Hybrid Cars
    • Sport Utility Vehicle
    • Mini-Van
    • Pick-up Trucks
    • Tractors
    • Garbage Trunks
    • Dump Trucks
    • Convertibles
    • Sedan
    • Coupe
    • Sports Car
    • Station Wagon
    • Hatchback
    • Car Carrier Trailers and so on
    All Types of Old Cars Accepted for Cash in Brisbane
    We Still Offer Top Cash For Cars Brisbane

    Want to Sell Your Car? We Still Offer Top Cash For Cars Brisbane

    Earning the top cash for cars Brisbane and revenue for product or investment is pretty much the ultimate goal of any car seller. Likewise, car owners, to keep an eye out for opportunities and ways to sell their car in Brisbane in return for the highest money.

    Following we have gathered a list of all the crucial points to get a reasonable rate for an unwanted car:

    1. Show all the original documentation
    2. Provide accurate odometer readings
    3. Keep up proper maintenance records
    4. Be honest in your dealings
    5. Provide the correct registration and repairs information
    6. Don’t shy away from disclosing any accidental history
    7. Make sure that the condition of the exterior and interior is presentable enough.

    Services and Offers Unlike Any Other in Brisbane!

    Today, there are hundreds of cash for cars, car wreckers and car removal companies operating in Brisbane.

    However, out of all of them, we can confidently claim that nobody can come close to our whopping offers reaching as high as $10,000. (Yes, you read it right, $10 with a triple zero) Now is there anyone who can beat this offer?

    Besides, no matter how scrap or wrecked the condition is, we make sure that no car owner leaves or returns our premises empty-handed or unsuccessful. Therefore, we will offer at least $500 (this lowest is again higher than many other competitors).

    An Estimated Scrap Cars Price Chart 2024

    Vehicle TypePrices
    Sedan$150 – $11,000
    4×4$400 – $18,000
    Hatch Back$50 – $5,000
    SUV$200 – $11,000
    Wagon$150 – $9,999
    Truck$600 – $25,000

    Reasons to Choose APlus Cash For Car Removal Brisbane

    As a cash for car removal Brisbane Company with top-notch customer services, we help you get rid of your car in a couple of hours. Now you don’t have to worry anymore about ads, scheduling meetings, or spending recklessly on repairs.

    Following is a quick run-down of all the superb reasons to choose none other than us for your car for cash Brisbane needs:

    • Safe and Contactless Transaction
    • Brisbane Cash for Cars Service
    • Fast Car Disposal in one Call, and One Visit
    • Free Towing and Car Removal Brisbane Included
    • Render Matchless Customer Experiences
    • A No-hassle Document Transfer
    • Car Pick-Up in as little as 48 hours
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    Empowering Local Community - Cash for All Old Cars in Brisbane

    Empowering Our Local Community Through Your Decision

    We consider every automobile purchase to be an opportunity to do good. We are deeply committed to supporting our neighborhood and local community.

    We provide a portion of the proceeds from car scrap sales to “The Salvation Army.” Therefore, when you decide to sell your car to us, you are indirectly assisting members of our community who are in need of help. Your choice to partner with us has a significant local impact, and together, we are improving life for everyone in our community.

    We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

    In order to improve your entire experience, we provide a variety of value-added services. Here are the additional perks we offer

    • We assist you with the hassle-free transfer of number plates, ensuring a smooth transition.
    • When applicable, we help you obtain refunds for number plates, making sure you get the most value out of your transaction.
    • You can get a variety of high-quality auto parts for either for replacement or upgradation, sourced from scrapped cars.
    • Leave the paperwork to us. To enable you to concentrate on what’s most important, we offer total help.
    • We offer free consultations to address any questions or concerns you may have.
    Satisfaction Guaranteed with Our All Car Removal Services

    Over 25K Vehicles Purchased in Brisbane and Counting

    We take pride in our extensive track record of helping customers part ways with their vehicles seamlessly. With over 25k vehicles acquired, we’ve gained valuable experience in providing efficient solutions for sellers across Queensland. These vehicles span various brands and conditions, showcasing our commitment to offering hassle-free transactions for our valued customers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the brands we’ve recently had the pleasure of dealing with.

    2002 Mitsubishi Montero


    2002 Mitsubishi Montero

    Hamilton, Brisbane

    Cash Paid: $600

    The vehicle was a piece of junk, occupying the spacious parking space. The owner was after an instant sale, and Aplus car removal made the work smooth and easy.

    1999 Honda Civic Coupe


    1999 Honda Civic Coupe

    Manly, Brisbane

    Cash Paid: $550

    After getting into a drastic accident, the vehicle was labelled as written off. Aplus Car Removal offered the highest cash in Manly and removed the vehicle on the same day.

    2006 Toyota Corolla Ascent


    2006 Toyota Corolla Ascent

    Moorooka, Brisbane

    Cash Paid: $650

    The vehicle was in prime condition but no longer needed by the owner. We offered a fair quotation, instant cash, and free car removal.

    2013 Hyundai i30


    2013 Hyundai i30

    Toowong, Brisbane

    Cash Paid: $700

    The automobile had several issues, including some major mechanical faults. Aplus car removal has eliminated the hassle and offered the best cash deals to make it easier for the car sellers!

    Our 3 Quick, Easy and Hassle-Free Steps For Unwanted Car Removal Brisbane

    We take the responsibility of bringing your dream of selling your old car into life in Three incredibly simple and easy steps.

    1) Fill out the online form or call us directly at 0423 514 111. Either way, you will be asked the crucial details of the vehicle, such as:

    1.  Make
    2.  Model
    3.  Year
    4.  Mileage
    5.  Colour
    6.  Condition
    7.  Accidental History (if any).

    The online quote calculator will evaluate the car value based on these details. And tada! The Free Quote will be displayed on your screen within a minute.

    2) Next, our team will schedule an inspection meeting to take a close inspection of your vehicle and its documents.

    3) Once you accept the final & top cash for old car Brisbane offer, our courteous team will contact you ahead of the pick-up. Our fleet of modern tow trucks and proficient drivers will hand over the agreed top dollar up to $10,000 and then tow away your car securely and safely.

    Finally, we will complete all the paperwork with utmost efficiency and integrity. It is as simple as you read.

    So, why not take your first step today?

    Top Car Features Considered by Potential Car Buyers in Brisbane

    1. Whether the information provided is legit or not?
    2. The vehicle’s accidental history and whether it is revealed honestly alongside the report.
    3. Is the odometer reading accurate?
    4. What is the engine type?
    5. Whether the vehicle registered or unregistered?
    6. Are the tires with rims or without rims?
    7. Is it in a running or non-running condition?

    Hopefully, following the above factors will help sellers bag easy and top cash for cars in Brisbane. And then there are certain aspects that stand true for all times, such as the vehicle’s model, brand, age, mileage, color, condition, and so on.

    Thank you for choosing A Plus Car Removal Brisbane. If you have any confusions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us at 0423 514 111 or email us at [email protected]. Our friendly Representatives are quick to respond.

    Top Features Considered by Car Buyers Brisbane
    Oliver James

    Authored By Oliver James

    Oliver James, an automotive expert & business executive at Aplus Car Removal, has been engaged with the platform for over 5 years. He has extensive experience with automobiles and car removal services, making him a prominent automotive buyer. As a car expert, he specializes in forming accurate car valuations for automobiles of all makes and models. He is a prominent member of our astounding team who works toward producing optimal results to turn up customer satisfaction.
    Learn more about the vast experience of Oliver James through the researched articles available at our site. These comprehensive blogs are a complete guide for a layman looking to step into the automotive world.

    Learn more About Oliver

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to scrap a car?

    We buy scrap cars and recycle them. We pay cash and offer free pickup. Help us make our environment cleaner and eco-friendly. We also provide cash for car services in Gold Coast, Logan, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture & Ipswich Area.

    How much will a wrecker pay for my car?

    We pay top cash for any car. Our prices are higher than all local wreckers that’s why we have more than 200+ satisfied clients.

    Where to find a VIN number for my car?

    Look at the passenger door closing area or under the bonnet. Different brands have different places to display VIN. For more information visit ppsr site.

    How to sell a car privately?

    You can always sell your car to us. But if you are looking to advertise then go for carsales, carsguide etc.

    Where to sell an unregistered or unroadworthy car?

    We buy cars in any condition. Reach us out and we pay you top dollars. Terms & conditions apply.

    1. A valid license of the car owner.
    2.  A signature on the receipt provided by the tow truck driver.

    Two Simple steps and car sold.

    Do we have used cars, Brisbane, under $5000?

    No, we usually recycle the car we buy from you. Therefore, check out gumtree in that case.

    Do we trade in a car for cash only?

    We can trade-in your car for a car. You have to reach us out on live chat or phone call.

    Do you guys buy a car with Rego or without Rego?

    We buy both kinds of cars but we return your number plates to you. This way you get more cash for your car.

    Where can I get my refund for number plates in QLD, AUSTRALIA?

    When you sell your car to us you make more money as compare to other wreckers and dealers. Get your Rego money back by handing in your number plates to the transport department.

    A common question arises where to sell your scrap car?

    Take it easy as selling a car in Brisbane is easy with us. APlus Car Removal is one of the best places to replace your car for money. Our customers love what we do and that’s why we have a 4.9 rating on google which you can check on our Google business page.

    Do we have an estimated price calculator for a car?

    Yes, we do have a price calculator that gives you an estimation price calculator only. But prices may vary on various conditions.

    Do we sell auto parts?

    Yes, we do sell auto parts but we are very limited in terms of stock as we focus more on buying vehicles. Thank you for choosing Apluscarremoval

    Do we buy old caravans?

    Yes, we buy old caravans as well. Get in touch with us.

    Is it possible to sell my car today?

    Yes, as long as we are not fully booked for that day. Our car selling process takes only a few hours from initial inquiry to completed transactions.

    Will you buy my car if there are still some payments due?

    Yes, given that the outstanding loan amount is less than the car’s value. In such cases, we pay the lender the due amount, receive the letter of release, and pay you the difference.

    How does our cash for car removal process work?

    We follow all the regulations and rules set by the TMR. Look at the checklist for selling a car for cash.

    Need To Sell Your Car? Sell It Now and Get Best Price