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    At APlus Car Removal, there is always a place for unwanted or second-hand cars. We buy old, scrap, junk, crashed, worn-out, used, salvage, damaged, and accidental vehicles. Get top cash for cars Brisbane at your doorstep or bank transfer. Professional and friendly service anywhere in Brisbane including North, West, East, and Southside. Make a deal and sell your vehicle in seconds with or without rego or roadworthy. Get a quote now.

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    What To Do For Selling Scrap, Junk Or Drivable Vehicle?

    Get your car valuation in 5 easy steps in Brisbane plus top money for any car:

    • Your car has value so why not collect cash for cars with free car removal.
    • For the fastest quote call now at 0423 514 111 and give us your car details such as make, model, year and condition of your vehicle.
    • Our staff will evaluate your car value within minutes whether its new, old, used or unwanted.
    • Our professional tow truck driver will contact you an hour ahead of your pickup time.
    • On arrival, our team member pays you cash and do the paperwork. It is as simple as you read. Get a quote now.
    Car for Cash Brisbane

    Best Car Buyer & Cash for Car Removal Brisbane Wide

    The best Car buyer offers top car removal across Brisbane suburbs. Sell your car, truck, van, SUV, Ute, 4WDs either from your home, office, backyard, side of the motorway, or parking area of a shopping centre without stressing over the expense of towing or inspection. We also provide cash for old cars service all over Brisbane.

    We are not particular to any kind of brand and accept all sorts of vehicles (running or not running), no matter how bad the condition is or what brand or model.
    Get instant cash 4 cars for any car brand such as:

    • Kia
    • BMW
    • Ford
    • Isuzu
    • Honda
    • Skoda
    • Mazda
    • Suzuki
    • Nissan
    • Lexus
    • Renault
    • Peaugeot
    • Ford
    • Mitsubishi
    • Toyota
    • Land Rover
    • Range Rover
    • Alpha Romeo
    • Mercedes Benz

    Check out our car price guide for different sizes of vehicles

    Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch customer services. If you wondering how can I sell my car in Brisbane? we are a legitimate car buyer Brisbane. Paying a fair price for the vehicle regardless of its condition. Our process is quick and easy to use.

    Why You Sell Your Unwanted Car To Us?

    Get cash for your old or drivable car quickly with Aplus car removal. Our rates are higher than tow truck drivers and local wreckers. Sell your car to the best company in Brisbane.

    Cash for unwanted car service is now only one call away. Top reasons why to choose us for your car removal:

    • We offer the highest price of up to $4,999 or more in Brisbane.
    • Free car removal provided anywhere in Brisbane and among its suburbs.
    • No registration or roadworthy required.
    • Schedule a pickup that suits you.
    • We offer free paperwork, so all you have to do is sign the papers.
    • Our tow truck drivers are professional and provide hassle-free removal.
    • We go green and offer an eco-friendly auto recycling service.

    Car Wreckers Brisbane – We Offer You Wrecking Services

    We buy your scrap car to resell or recycle them. Those car parts that can be reused or that are in a working condition, we sell them while the auto parts that are beyond repair, we wreck them. It is the environmental conscience option you take. Green energy vehicle makes a lot more difference to our environment. More the car metal salvaged, the less will be the manufacturing of new car parts. This is why we bring awareness among people to sell your car to the right wrecker in Brisbane because we want to keep our environment eco-friendly. Moreover, get top cash for cars Brisbane near you plus free pickup anytime.

    Get Top Dollar Cash For Cars In Brisbane

    It takes a lot of time if you place an ad in the newspaper. Not only you have to pay for it but also you have to wait for people to respond to your ad.
    You can be free from all the hustle and bustle if you go with Aplus for car removal across Brisbane. We will be with you at every step of the car body removals and offer the best cash for cars quote. So don’t wait for any longer contact cash for cars Brisbane fully licensed service and cash your trash. Instant money offers for the damaged or written off the car by our professional customer service officer.

    Top Cash for Cars Brisbane
    scrap car removal brisbane

    Top Scrap Car Removal Brisbane

    Sell your scrap vehicle for cash and get the free pickup. Aplus Car Removal company offers the best cash for car in the Brisbane region.

    Dispose of your old, scrap, junk or wrecked car to keep our environment clean and pollution-free. Another issue is if the car is too old then the cost of repair is higher than the cost of selling. Dispose of your car for a better environment and recycling purposes. Possible causes of smoky vehicles. Get rid of your car now and get paid top dollars. We provide the fastest towing for scrap car in Brisbane area. Call Now.

    Five Points To Make Your Vehicle Worth More

    Important points that every dealer or wrecker look for before buying a car. Get easy and top money for cars by checking the following points.

    • Legit information of your vehicle
    • Disclose your accidental history
    • Accurate odometer reading and engine type
    • Registered or unregistered car
    • Tires with rims or without rims.

    If you have any confusions or concerns please let us know by calling us or filling a get quote form. we also offer Cash for Trucks Brisbane

    Car Removal Brisbane

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to scrap a car?

    We buy scrap cars and recycle them. We pay cash and offer free pickup. Help us make our environment cleaner and eco-friendly. We also provide services in Logan, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Sydney Area.

    How much will a wrecker pay for my car?

    We pay top cash for any car. Our prices are higher than all local wreckers that’s why we have more than 200+ satisfied clients.

    Where to find a VIN number for my car?

    Look at the passenger door closing area or under the bonnet. Different brands have different places to display VIN. For more information visit ppsr site.

    How to sell a car privately?

    You can always sell your car to us. But if you are looking to advertise then go for carsales, carsguide etc.

    Where to sell an unregistered or unroadworthy car?

    We buy cars in any condition. Reach us out and we pay you top dollars. Terms & conditions apply.

    1. A valid license of the car owner.
    2.  A signature on the receipt provided by tow-truck driver.

    Two Simple steps and car sold.

    Do we have used cars, Brisbane, under $5000?

    No, we usually recycle the car we buy from you. Therefore, check out gumtree in that case.

    Do we trade in a car for cash only?

    We can trade-in your car for a car. You have to reach us out on live chat or phone call.

    Do you guys buy a car with Rego or without Rego?

    We buy both kinds of cars but we return your number plates to you. This way you get more cash for your car.

    Where can I get my refund for number plates in QLD, AUSTRALIA?

    When you sell your car to us you make more money as compare to other wreckers and dealers. Get your Rego money back by handing in your number plates to the transport department.

    A common question arises where to sell your scrap car?

    Take it easy as it is easy to sell your scrap car with us. Aplus car removal is one of the best places to replace your car for money. Drop your car off to a local wrecker in Brisbane. Our customers love what we do and that’s why we have a 4.9 rating on google which you can check on our Google business page. Fair price means the value that your auto deserves. Get a quote now.

    What is the best site to sell a car?

    There are many options to sell car. It depends on individual’s personal choice. If you have time and roadworthy and looking for top offer then carsales is the best choice but for quick offers and instant removal Aplus is the best choice.

    Do we have an estimated price calculator for a car?

    Yes, we do have a price calculator that gives you estimation only. But prices may vary on various conditions.

    Estimated Price Calculator For Vehicles

    Vehicle Type Prices
    Sedan $150 – $11,000
    4×4 $400 – $18,000
    Hatch Back $50 – $5,000
    SUV $200 – $11,000
    Wagon $150 – $9,999
    Truck $600 – $25,000
    Do we sell auto parts?
    Yes we do sell auto parts but we are very limited in terms of stock as we focus more on buying vehicles. Thank you for choosing Apluscarremoval
    Do you only pay cash for cars?

    No, we offer various payment methods, including cash, bank drafts, wire transfers, certified cheques, and more. You can call our customer service for further queries.

    Is it possible to sell my car today?

    Yes, as long as we are not fully booked for that day. Our car selling process takes only a few hours from initial inquiry to completed transactions.

    Will you buy my car if there are still some payments due?

    Yes, given that the outstanding loan amount is less than the car’s value. In such cases, we pay the lender the due amount, receive the letter of release, and pay you the difference.