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  • ⦿ Fast same day car removal in Kuraby
  • ⦿ Professional and helpful staff
  • ⦿ Registered with Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • ⦿ We buy any and all car brands
  • ⦿ Eco-friendly car wrecking following Australia’s environmental safety laws

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    Car selling can be a challenging task, but with Aplus Car Removal with our myriad of services, customers can sell their vehicle for the best rates in Kuraby. We buy all conditions of cars including:

    • Wrecked vehicles
    • Unwanted cars
    • New cars
    • Accident damaged vehicles
    • High mileage
    • Etc

    With Aplus Car Removal, customers can earn instant cash up to $11,000 in exchange for their vehicles and receive FREE car removal service from anywhere in the Kuraby area.

    Car Removal Services

    Sell Your Car Fast By Following Our Fast And Effective Car Selling Process

    A plus Car Removal is one of the top car buyers in the QLD area. We have been serving the Kuraby market for many years and are well versed with all the trends and laws related to purchasing unwanted, scrap, and damaged cars.

    With A plus Car Removal, customers are guaranteed to sell their vehicle within 24 hours. All they have to do is follow our risk-free car selling process:


    Convenient And Hassle-free Car Recycling In Kuraby

    A plus Car Removal offers eco-friendly car recycling for all types of vehicles. Our car wrecking process follows the guidelines of the Australian government.

    As soon as we purchase an unwanted or scrap vehicle, instead of sending it to landfills, we send it to our wrecking facilities, where it’s taken apart.

    The car’s metal frame is used for scrap metals, while the auto parts are taken out and fixed to be sold at our branches at affordable rates.

    By recycling these vehicles, we are able to make use of the valuable resources (end-of-life vehicles), which in turn helps with preserving our environment.

    To check the availability of the car parts you want to purchase, reach out to our customer service team.

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    • Over 15+ tow trucks on the road to provide fast and FREE car removal service
    • Secure payment methods
    • Trained staff to aid customers
    • Well-equipped wrecking facility
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