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Top Toyota Car Brands In Australia

Top Toyota Car Brands In Australia

Toyota is very popular in the automotive market and liked by almost everywhere around the globe due to its features, durability, reliability, and comfort. It is a Japanese manufacturing company and took its foot for Toyota manufacturing in Australia from 1963 to 2017.

Australia comes under one of the top 10 Toyota markets among China, Japan, the U.S., UK, Thailand, Canada, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Germany.

Toyota maintains a good record for manufacturing every type of vehicle from SUVs, utes, cars, 4WDs, vans, and now hybrids.

Top Toyota Car Brands In Australia

Check some of the top Toyota models manufactured in Australia.

  1. Toyota Tiara: 1963–1965

Port Melbourne, Victoria, was where Australian Motor Industries (AMI) started their first Toyota production. Around 1,684 Toyota Tiara were produced from 1963 to 1965. Tiara was a successful model of this period due to its lightweight and top speed with 3-speed manual transmission.

  1. Toyota Crown: 1966–1980

Another successful Toyota model that features both 3 and 4-speed manual transmission. Some of the features of Toyota Crown were a powered rear window and a side swing tailgate.

First Toyota Crown (second generation) was manufactured in 1966. Then the third generation in 1968, in this generation 2-speed and a 3-speed automatic transmission with manual ones were also introduced. Then fourth generation in 1971, where the 5-speed manual transmission was presented.

The last Toyota Crown was manufactured in 1979 with the introduction of 4-speed automatic transmission.

  1. Toyota Corona: 1965–1987

Australian Toyota manufacturers release the Corona model in the shape of Sedan and Wagon using Holden engines.

  1. Toyota Camry: 1987–2017

Toyota Camry V10 (sedan and liftback), V20 (sedan and wagon), XV10 (sedan, wagon) versions were released.

Camry’s XV10 variant was named the second “world car” by Toyota because of its sale and popularity.

  1. Toyota Corolla: 1968–1999

It is one of the most popular Toyota sedan models named as the first “world car”. Toyota Corolla’s second-generation E20 was available as only 2 door cars.

After that, KE3x was launched as a 2 and 4 door sedan.

Then E90 was the last Corolla model manufactured in Australia.

  1. Holden Apollo: 1989–1996

Holden Apollo was the rebadged version of the Toyota Camry due to model sharing between the Holden and Toyota companies.

This variant was named as JK and JL series.

  1. Holden Nova: 1989–1996

The engineered version of the Toyota Corolla with the nameplate of Holden, another brand-sharing model by Holden and Toyota.

Nova introduced as a four-door sedan and five-door hatchback.

  1. Toyota Lexcen: 1989-1996

Another Holden-Toyota joint version manufacture by Holden as VN Commodore but badged as Toyota Lexcen.

  1. Toyota Avalon: 2000–2005

A full-size Toyota Avalon car was not such a successful model. With features like automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, Toyota Avalon production was ceased due to low sales rate.

  1. Toyota Aurion: 2006–2017

A mid-size car sold over 111,140 over ten years period.

  1. Toyota Camry Hybrid: 2009–2017

Australia released its first Hybrid Toyota Camry in 2009 as an XV40 variant. 2017 was the last year Australia released the XV70 variant, and then the Toyota manufacturing was ended. All are above top Toyota car brands In Australia.

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