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If you are looking for any online unwanted car value estimator tool before you decide to sell your car, A Plus Car Removal has got your back covered.

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    Unwanted Car Value Estimator

    We offer a free valuation for vehicles of all makes and models. We have a team of professional vehicle removal who will provide you with an instant cash quote depending on your vehicle’s mileage, year, and condition. However, please keep in mind, this online car valuation is only a rough estimate, and our final quote will be based on an on-site visual inspection of a vehicle.

    Car Value Calculator

    We buy all types of damaged, broken, unwanted vehicle, accidental, flooded, rusted, totaled, wrecked, used vehicles, and offer top dollar cash returns.

    The good news is,

    Whether you have an SUV or a Van, you can use our online car value calculator and get the value of your scrap car.

    Below is a table that will show you a rough estimation of how much cash you can for your vehicle.

    Type Of VehiclePrice
    Car$2000 – $6000
    Van$4000  – $8000
    Ute$5000 – $9000
    SUV$4000 – $9000
    Wagon$5000 – $8000
    Hatchback$3000 – $9000
    Truck$4000 – $11000
    4WD$3000 – $7000

    Factors That Affect The Vehicle Value

    Many factors may affect your unwanted car valuation. Thus, it is pretty essential to identify them before selling a car.



    The longer the age of your vehicle is, the lesser the value will be of your car. The age of your vehicle has a direct relationship with the cash value. Every vehicle wears down with time and extensive use. And the longer you hold on to your scrap car, the more it will get deteriorated.

    If you have an old broken vehicle that has been rusted at the end of your backyard, consider selling it at your earliest and get top cash for cars Brisbane.


    The higher the mileage of your vehicle, the lower the value you will get. Roughly, a vehicle travels about 14,000 kilometers per year. If a vehicle crosses the average mileage, it will affect its worth and lower cash price.

    Try to save your annual mileage. For example, if you plan to go on a long trip, hire a cab or catch a train and keep your mileage less than the average as it will surely increase the worth of your vehicle.

    Car value estimator RoadWorthy


    The good news is, if you have a vehicle that is roadworthy and has working auto parts, you can expect to receive the highest cash for cars.

    One of the best ways to keep your vehicle in good condition is regular maintenance. Always replace the damaged and rusted car parts timely. Use quality cleaning sprays and clean up the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Try to save your car from scratches, dents, pets, rodents, and rust.

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    To get a free unwanted car value estimator, call us now, or you can also fill up our online vehicle evaluation form.

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