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What Smoke From The Exhaust Means?

What Smoke From The Exhaust Means

Smoke From My Car Exhaust – What Does It Mean?

While driving a car you suddenly see smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust system, which leads you to think whether it is a serious issue that needs a visit to a mechanic or it is just some regular smoke. Here is what you need to know all about smoke from the exhaust system and what is the next best step to take.


What Does Typical Exhaust Smoke Look Like?

Under normal circumstances, you won’t be able to see the exhaust emission coming from your tailpipe. Instead, you may notice a thin white smoke that is only water vapour on occasion. It’s critical to recognise that this is not the same as the dark thick coloured smoke that led you here to us.


What might be the reason behind it?

The cause of smoke from your exhaust system might be anything – coolant leak, excessive fuel burning, the engine is burning oil etc. But it all depends on what is the colour of the smoke. 


White smoke from your exhaust

Depending on how dense the white exhaust smoke is, it might imply one of two things.

If the smoke is thin, it’s most likely steam from condensation in the exhaust system due to weather. Moisture may build up in your car’s exhaust when it’s parked, especially when it’s really cold outside, causing large white clouds to emerge as the car warms up. When you start your car, the heated engine transforms the moisture into steam, which causes the thin white smoke to release. This smoke is harmless and does not require any repairs.

However,  if your car is fully warmed up and the exhaust emits any form of smoke, there may be a problem, especially if you see thick white smoke. This heavy smoke is frequently caused by a burst head gasket, a broken cylinder, or a fractured engine block, all of which cause coolant to burn.

A coolant leak, which can cause overheating and damage to your engine, is generally indicated by thick white exhaust smoke. If this is the case, you immediately have to take your car to a mechanic.

What to do?

Check for any coolant or transmission fluid leaks, and make sure all fluid levels are at their prescribed levels.


Black smoke from your exhaust

Black exhaust smoke is probably the least dangerous, especially if you drive a diesel engine. However, if you drive a modern-day car, you should not see black smoke because of the good emission control system. And if you do, it might indicate a problem or a damaged engine.

Another possible cause is you’re consuming too much fuel if you see black exhaust smoke. Engines require both fuel and oxygen to function properly. So black smoke might flow from your exhaust if there is too much fuel in the combustion chamber and not enough oxygen to burn it with.

This might be due to a variety of factors, including damaged fuel-pressure regulator, clogged fuel return line, clogged air filter, clogged fuel injectors.

Your car is wasting petrol and losing you money if it burns too much gasoline/fuel, so it is better to get your car inspected by a mechanic.

What to do?

Check the oil dipstick to see whether any of the excess amounts of gasoline has combined with the oil.


Bluish-Grey smoke from your exhaust

Oil seeping into the combustion chamber and being burnt with the gasoline is most likely the source of blue smoke coming from your exhaust.

Worn out engine components, such as valve seals, piston rings, and the PCV valve, are most likely to blame. In situations like these, major engine repair is usually required since internal components have worn out to the point where they must be replaced.

Another issue could be that your turbocharged car is emitting blue smoke. It’s possible that the blower has to be replaced.

Blue exhaust smoke, in any case, need prompt care. If your car is emitting blue smoke, have it inspected by a professional mechanic.


What to do:

Look for any source of the leak from your car.


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If you ever notice smoke coming from your car’s exhaust, it’s crucial to figure out what colour it is. When you see odd gases coming from your exhaust, it’s typically a sign that there’s a problem developing or already exists. If the problem is serious, you will have to pay for costly repairs that may exceed the actual value of your car.

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