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    APlus Car Removal is one the leading used car and scrap car removal in Brisbane. Our service is available for you whenever it is convenient for you. We will happily collect your vehicle from all across Brisbane if your car is damaged, old, rusty, accident, or simply unwanted. Just because you have a vehicle that does not work, it does not mean it is useless.

    We offer top cash for scrap cars in Brisbane. By selling your vehicle to us, you can get paid in cash right away. So, whether you have a bus or a Rolls Royce, APlus Car Removal has got you covered.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our highly trained staff can arrange a prompt and reliable time that suits you for a visit. Moreover, with many years of experience and excellence, we can answer all your queries.

    APlus Car Removal is your solution to set your used car of any make and condition. We are the leading unwanted car removal in Brisbane. Unlike others, we do not make you wait for a buyer. Our process is speedy and efficient.

    APlusCarRemoval is a licensed used auto trader and wrecker. We resell and recycle cars of any make, type, and condition. So even if you just have a couple of hours, we can offer you a quick quote and pick up your vehicle within hours. Call us now at 0423514111.

    Top Benefits Of Our Services

    • We are always on schedule and efficient.
    • No matter where you live, car removal in Brisbane will tow away your car for free.
    • Get cash on the same day as the car removal.
    • Lastly, Brisbane car removal hauls the same day.
    • Fully licensed.
    • We provide all paperwork.

    Selling an old, broken car might show you stars in the day, but with APlus Car Removal, you are at the right spot for free car removal in Brisbane.

    Car Removal Brisbane

    We Remove Cars Of All Brands And Models

    At APlus Car Removal, we welcome all kinds and brands of cars. Be it a van, a jeep, 4WD, Ute, SUVs, and all others. We do not discriminate between brands too. Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mazda, Isuzu, Ford, Jaguar, and more accept all. To find out more specifics, you can check out our guide for different size vehicles.

    Your car could be in any condition, and we are here to save the day. Our top-notch services will leave you highly satisfied. Even if your vehicle is:

    • Rusty
    • Old
    • Non-Drivable
    • Unwanted
    • Accidental
    • Makes noises
    • Mint Condition
    • Wrecked
    • Drivable
    • Damaged

    Do not worry. We at APlus Car Removal are willing to pay top cash for old cars in Brisbane. We are eager to pay up to $11,000 on the same day of car removal in Brisbane.

    To know your car’s worth, call us today for a free quote. Our experts will ask you for a few details about the vehicle you are selling. For example:

    • Model
    • Condition
    • Year
    • Mileage, etc.

    Our team members will come equipped to remove your vehicle and pay you top cash the same day as per your schedule. There is no other process smoother than this. This process is the most effortless and most hassle-free process of selling your old car.

    Save Your Money And The Environment

    Stress-free and quick & speedy cash for car removal Brisbane services will be totally free of cost. Yes, that is correct. You can now save your money and your effort with the help of our services.

    Additionally, we promise there are no hidden charges involved. APlus Car Removal values its customers and will never do anything to breach their trust.

    Most people put their old cars in landfills, which harms the environment. This way, you also do not earn anything off your vehicle. However, if you sell it to us, we not only pay you top Dollars but also recycle your car. So, it becomes a win-win situation for you, the environment, and us.

    What Do We Do With Old Cars?

     As soon as we receive a vehicle, our expert teams make a detailed examination. Next, we dismantle and separate all the parts from each other. They are put into various categories depending on their condition. Then car body mashes up by a special crane for recycling the metal.

    Our recycling procedure is highly safe and environmentally friendly. We work around climate laws in helping to keep our next generation safe. APlusCarRemoval is a big believer in sustainability; hence all the processes we conduct are 100% green.

    If the car you are selling is registered, then claim your Rego to get some extra cashback. This is because Rego slips are no longer needed. For any further information, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help.

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    Our top-quality unwanted car removal Brisbane service that provides free car towing is just a call away. So, pick up your phone now, or fill the quote form, and our representative will get in touch with you.


    Does Aplus Car Removal provide scrap metal recycling?

    We only deal with car recycling so if you have any other scrap then you need to contact scrap metal recyclers.