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    We Pay Cash Up to $11,000 for Cars, Trucks, Vans, 4X4

    Cars are worth a lot of money. APlus Car Removal is world-class cash for cars Algester company that offers unrivalled service around Brisbane and its suburbs. We pay top dollar for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and 4x4s irrespective of the make, model, condition and mileage.

    Our highly skilled team guarantees to provide a service that is timely, transparent, and reliable. We believe in providing fair quotes of the best cash for cars Brisbane to our valued customers, which is why our cash rates are so high. So call us today if you have junk, old, scrap, or unwanted cars.

    Exceptional cash offers

    The quick and simple car selling process

    Instant cash payments

    Towing is provided at no cost

    How To Get Cash for My Car Instantly?

    The process is very straightforward and easy. All you have to do is to follow these 3 steps:

    1. Give us the location of your car by calling 0423 514 111 or submit a free online quote on the top right of this page. Give your vehicle details like make, model, condition, & mileage. And receive a free quote in no more than 90 seconds.
    2. If you like the offer, schedule for free car pick up, and we will come to your location anywhere in Algester.
    3. In a few hours, we will come to you and pay the top price on the spot for your car with free car towing. Guaranteed!
    How To Get Cash for My Car Instantly

    We Buy Unwanted, Scrap, Old Cars & Pay Top Cash Instantly

    Are you looking for someone to buy your car for the top price? Then, you have come to the right place!

    APlus Car Removal buys cars of any condition and any size, whether you have a truck, bus, van, limousine, wagon, hatchback, forklift, 4×4, or any heavy commercial vehicle.

    Old car removal

    Old Cars for top dollars


    Unwanted cars


    Scrap or Junk cars

    Engine Blown Cars

    Engine or Transmission dead cars


    Cars with or without rego slip

    Rusted or faulty mechanic

    Rusted or faulty mechanic car

    Get A Free Car Removal Anywhere in Algester

    Get A Free Car Removal Anywhere in Algester

    We offer to remove your car the very same day if you contact us during the working hours. You can get free car pick-up service regardless of how bad the condition of your car or how heavy it is – our expert tow truck drivers will tow it away in just a few minutes.

    So, contact us today and get cash for your car Algester wide.

    What do We offer?

    APlus Car Removal offers exciting services to their customers. Some of the offers/services include:

    • Free Unwanted Car Removal
    • Cash for Cars instantly
    • Unwanted Car estimation for free
    • Second-Hand Auto parts at affordable rates
    • Free Car wrecking & recycling
    What do We offer
    We Dismantle Your Car In Order To Get Auto Parts

    We Dismantle Your Car In Order To Get Auto Parts

    In Algester, we offer cash for all types of vehicles in any condition. The car will be dismantled, useable parts will be reconditioned, and the car’s metals will be recycled. The usable & reconditioned auto parts are then sold at a very affordable price. We receive so many calls from people looking to buy auto parts for their old cars.

    There is no better way to obtain top dollar for old, unwanted, junk, accident-damaged, or destroyed vehicles and trucks than to sell them to us.

    We Buy All Vehicle Makes & Models

    We buy Japanese, Korean, American as well as European makes, such as:







    Mercedes Benz






    Great wall

    Great wall



    Anywhere In Algester - We Come To You!

    No matter how far or near you live in Algester, distance is never a problem to us. We have stationed our tow truck drivers in a way that once you schedule for car removal day and time, they will come to you without having you wait for hours. So, delay no more and contact us today to get an exceptional service from us!

    Anywhere in Algester - we come to you
    Sell Your Car & Save Our Environment

    Sell Your Car & Save Our Environment

    Some of the benefits of choosing APlus Car Removal for your car recycling include:

    • There are no dangerous toxins from our car disposal harming the Australian ecosystem.
    • There’s no need to deal with the headaches of getting rid of a junk car. We don’t expect you to spend any money to get your vehicle recycled. We come to you to buy the car in “as is” condition and remove it for free.
    • With the Cash for Cars Algester service, you get an immediate cash reward for your car recycling.

    Get Ready To Receive Speedy Car Removal Service

    At APlus Car Removal, we will come to you and buy your car for top money with no trouble, including free towing. Our team takes care of the paperwork, and payment is made at the time of pickup.

    If you sell your old unwanted vehicle to APlus Car Removal, you may get top dollar right immediately. We provide a free cash quotation to anyone in Algester who is willing to let us remove their unroadworthy or roadworthy vehicle and pay cash on the spot!

    Get ready to receive speedy car removal service
    What Do I Need To Do When Selling My Car To You

    What Do I Need To Do When Selling My Car To You?

    We provide a stress-free solution to remove your car for cash; that is why we do all the processes. However, there are a few things that you need to take care of in order for a smooth process.

    • Remove any personal items from your car – Search through all the areas like glovebox, trunk, backseat pockets, door pockets, under the seat and floor mats.
    • Remove the number plate from your car.
    • Clear the access are for safe car removal.

    What Is The Value Of My Car?

    There are certain aspects that are responsible for your car value:

    1. Your vehicle make & model – The popularity of your car within your location is a very important factor that evaluates the worth of your car.
    2. Condition of your car – If you have a car in mint condition, you will be most likely to earn more than if you have a damaged condition car.
    3. Size of your vehicle – The bigger size of cars like trucks and buses will give you more cash than smaller ones like cars or vans.
    4. Scrap metal price – As scrap metal price fluctuates frequently, your scrap car will be quoted according to the market value of the metal in your area.
    What is the Value Of My Car

    Increase The Value Of Your Car

    Do you want to increase the worth of your car? Here is what you can do to increase the value of your junk car:

    • First, provide accurate information regarding the condition of your vehicle.
    • Tell the exact mileage.
    • Clean both the interior and outside of your vehicle.
    • If possible, repair small dents and scratches.
    • Give the buyer this information if your vehicle has been in an accident.
    • Finally, remove any personal belongings from your vehicle.

    Top Rated Cars for Cash Company in Algester

    Do you want to sell your car in Algester for top dollar and get it removed for free? Stop worrying because APlus Car Removal is here to remove the burden off your shoulders and will do all possible to assist you in getting rid of your car TODAY. We are a leading cash for cars and auto removal company in Brisbane and its suburbs, and we can help you sell your car quickly.

    So, contact us today and let us remove your car and pay you top dollars instead.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will cash for cars service help me?

    Cars for cars means you receive top dollars for letting us remove your car. In this way, you get an instant cash payment and free space in your garage or yard. And the good part is you don’t have to come to us. Instead, we will come to you the moment you contact us and provide you with speedy service.

    Are there any additional fees or charges?

    There may be car removal firms out there that provide cash for cars but also demand a fee to remove them; we don’t do that; instead, we provide a free quotation and tow the vehicle. There are no additional fees or charges. We aim to make buying your vehicle as easy as possible for you, and we want to make sure you are completely satisfied.

    Are you looking for a free, no-obligation estimate for same-day removal from any Brisbane suburb? Simply call one of the numbers mentioned below to get in touch with us.

    How will I receive payment for my car?

    As soon as the paperwork is signed, we provide our customers cash in hand. We can also make the payment through or cheque or bank transfer if the customer requests it.

    Will you pick up the car according to my schedule?

    Yes, our customers have complete control over the car removal date, time, and place. We’ll contact you ahead of time to arrange for the car removal.