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Rising Petrol Prices? Top 5 Affordable EVs In Australia

Rising Petrol Prices Top 5 Affordable EVs In Australia

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many analysts fear that the petrol price hike is not stopping anytime soon. There are looming oil and gas shortages which can drive the price further than the current $2 per liter.


With the rising petrol prices in Australia’s major cities, there has been an increased interest in electric vehicles (EV). This situation is further compounded by the global shortage of semiconductors and supply chain issues leading to delayed supply of ordered cars.


The unprecedented floods in northern NSW and southeast QLD have also forced the drivers to shift to EVs to avoid long lines at the fuel stations and save themselves from petrol shortages. This has led people to sell their old electric cars for profit. For example, over 347 secondhand Tesla Model 3 cars were sold in 2021 and 2022, with the average price being up to $68,000.


So, if you are interested in switching to a more energy-efficient EV, here we have compiled a list of the top 5 most affordable EVS in Australia below $60,000 in the market.




– Price in Australia: $43,990

– Range: 263 km

– 0-100 km/h time: 8.2 seconds


The MG ZS is a very successful car in terms of sales. By the end of 2021, MG ZS was one of the top 10 most selling models of passenger vehicles, according to the Federal Chambers of Automotive Industries’ report. It’s one of the most affordable EVs in the market. It is manufactured in China, but it’s not some cheap vehicle offering a sub-quality driving experience.

The ZS has all the usual components expected from a modern small-sized SUV vehicle, and it also has the additional benefits of zero-emission driving. This car guaranteed smooth driving, spacious interior and high quality built. MG also offers a 5 years vehicle warranty and an 8-year battery warranty, making it an ideal EV for first-time buyers.


 Hyundai Ioniq 5


– Price in Australia: $47,145

– Range: 277 km

– 0-100 km/h time: 9.9 seconds


Ioniq 5 is a small Prius-like electric SUV sold by Korean manufacturer Hyundai. It comes in four trips, with SEL being the most preferred. This vehicle is extremely user-friendly as all the controls and interior is similar to a conventional small to a medium-sized car which makes driving it a pleasure. This vehicle lacks enough storage space compared to other EVs in a similar price range. But overall a solid EV at an affordable price.


Nissan Leaf


– Price in Australia: $49,990

– Range: 270 km

– 0-100 km/h: 8 seconds


Leaf by Nissan is a popular hatchback offering customers spacious cabin space and practicality. It has an advanced electric powertrain and innovative technological design features such as ePedal, which allows you to stop the vehicle without using the brake pedal. The centre console also showcases a unique gear selector toggle which makes driving the car feel like operating a spaceship. Unique design, spacious interior, innovative technology, and reasonable price makes it the best choice for people switching from conventional vehicles to EVs.


Hyundai Kona 


– Price in Australia: $59,990

– Range: 449 km

– 0-100 km/h: 7.6 second


Kona is Hyundai’s fully electric SUV currently available in Australia. Hyundai even beat top European competitors in bringing their vehicles into the market. Car’s like Audi e-Tron and BMW iX3 are still yet to arrive in Australia. Hyundai Kona is a total package if you are looking for a subcompact SUV in Australia. It offers value and high-quality components compared to other cars in this class. Just the only downside of this car is below-average cargo space and tight rear seating; other than that a solid choice of car.


 Mini Cooper SE


– Price in Australia: $59,990

– Range: 270 km

– 0-100 km/h time: 7.3 seconds


Good news for all Mini Cooper lovers, now the vehicle comes in an even eco-friendly version. Mini arrived in the Australian market in July 2020, but the supply was small; only 80 cars were supplied initially. So, if you want to own any of the Cooper SE, you would have to wait a while before you can get your hands on it. But the wait will be worth it; Mini Cooper SE retains the same EV drivetrain that uses a single motor at the front providing 135kW of power and 270 Nm of torque. The interior also got a facelift with new lighting, panoramic sunroof and Harman Kardon sound system.  


Our Tow Cents On This Topic

From the above list, you can see that these vehicles are no longer in the realms of powerful and rich. Electric cars are now more affordable than ever without compromising on good features and innovative technology. Even if you have a small budget, you can easily purchase one of these vehicles and reduce your carbon footprint.

But if you are looking for a car even more affordable, you can always opt for secondhand EVs, which is basically recycling. Though they have depreciated in value; still these vehicles will serve you for a long time and in turn will help you save even more cash. And if you are wondering what to do with your unwanted vehicle at home, then simply ring us, and we will pick your unwanted car for cash Brisbane and pay you up to $25,000 in exchange.  

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